School History

Our educational institutions shall bear the stamp to the Apostolic Carmel through:
  • Emphasis on prayer
  • Spiritual and moral values
  • Simplicity of life-style
  • Warm, friendly relationship among the management, staff, students and parents.
  • Academic excellence
  • Inculturation
Following external signs and symbols shall enhance the A.C character of our schools:
  • Statue of our Lady of Mt.Carmel
  • Crucifix in every room
  • Posters and captions

Carmel Credo In Our School We Believe In

  • Being leaders of tomorrow.
  • Being friendly and co-operative with one another in and out of School.
  • Being truthful and honest.
  • Avoiding any vulgarity in our talk or behavior.
  • Accepting any responsibility and work assigned to us our due share in the running of a School.
  • Showing courteous respectful to all staff members and visitors of our school.
  • Being sports man – like and behaving in a lady like manner where ever we go, remembering that the School is judged by our conduct.
  • Respecting all men and women as children of God. Therefore, we never make fun of the old, poor or handicapped, since we know God’s hand rest lovingly on all these people.