School Uniform

  • Blue pleated skirts (Knee level) White blouse, black shoes, white socks with blue rim, black garter for hair, striped necktie and school belt for students of Std. I to Std. X.
  • On Tuesday the students of class I to V and on Wednesday the student of class VI to X shall wear white uniform.
  • The students of KG I & KG II shall wear Red and Blue checked frock according to the pattern, approved by the school.
  • In winter: Students classes I to XII shall wear red blazers and V – necked sleeveless sweater with border. KG I and KG II shall wear V – necked red cardigans.
  • Personal cleanliness is very essential. The fingernails should be pared. No mehandi or nail polish is permitted in the school. Wristwatches, bangles, rings, chains or any other hair accessories / jewellery are not allowed in the school.
  • Students of XI & XII shall wear red checked pleated skirt, cream blouse, tie, white socks and black shoes, black slacks to be worn in winters.
  • Girls must tie their hair neatly with black garter. They will wear a white knee length slip under their uniform.
  • No cutting of hair and puff on the head.