Aims & Objective

  • The basic purpose of the Apostolic Carmel is to render loving service to God, the Church and the Country by educating the youth of today’s India.
  • The Apostolic Carmel includes in its objectives the aspirations of our country for a just and honest society. It regards education as the most effective means of promoting national development and the integral development of the human person.
  • The role of the Apostolic Carmel is to prepare citizens and leaders for the country by inculcating in our youth a sense of responsibility.
  • The Apostolic Carmel tries to bring peace and happiness in today’s war torn and unhappy world by making them conscious that in God’s all sufficing love. There is no room for wars and jealousies.
  • The Apostolic Carmel makes them realize that poverty and the poor are no curses, and tries to provide a home for the homeless child.
  • The last but not the least of the Apostolic Carmel’s objectives is to prepare our youth to show a greater appreciation of Indian culture, familiarity with Indian Languages, knowledge of Indian thought and philosophy and acquaintance with all that is great in our past and to make our contribution to it.