School History

Bhagalpur “The Silk City” is historically, culturally, geographically as well as politically very important.

Geographically, it is located on the banks of the holy river which is a part of our religious dogmas.

This city has a major influence from Bengal which is reflected in the life of the city. It has produced some very respected literacy figures like Sharad Chandra and Bankim Chandra a who lives here and completed some of their great works here. The city will always salute them for their contribution.

Bhagalpur reflects true favour of secularism as people from various religious, economic and social background live in harmonious coherence here. Though this religious harmony did experience a jolt in the communal riots of 1989 – 90, the city is fast returning to normalcy.

Silk Industry is the backbone of this town Bhagalpur ‘Tasar’ famous all over and a major item of export. Traders now are manufacturing cotton fabrics too. The town basically houses a handloom industry at large.

Educationally speaking, Bhagalpur itself has a University which is indeed a great thing. The city has oldest and best Agricultural College, Engineering college and of course a Medical College. The city has various Government and semi – Government run schools as well as few convents, who are carrying out the work of not only imparting Knowledge to the students but also bringing out and all round development of their personality.

In a nutshell, Bhagalpur thus has everything – a past to be proud of a rich culture, a good geographical location, a good industrial base along with the Mount Carmel School, which was the pioneer in imparting convent Education to the youth of Bhagalpur. It was one of the first institutions to impart knowledge in the world acclaimed language: English.

This institution was the blue – eyed bay of the Apostolic sisters and with this very idea somewhere in 1955, when sister Theodosia was the Superior and Principal of Patna Women’s College (An Apostolic Carmel Institution). She was called to the parlour to meet three distinguished visitors. The provincial from America of the T.O.R. Mission to which congregation, the Bhagalpur mission was assigned. The Provincial who came from America was quite interested in an educational work and earnestly requested Sister Theodosia to make an appeal on his behalf, for an A.C. Foundation at Bhagalpur. This same appeal was echoed by both Monsignor and Fr. Martin, the T.O.R. Superior.

In 1956, when Mother General (Mother Sylvia) came to the North for a visitation, Sister Theodosia informed her about the pressing invitation to Bhagalpur. Mother Sylvia asked Sister Theodosia to do the needful.

Sr. Theodosia to do the needful made time to visit Bhagalpur. In the meantime the T.O.R.S had wonder fully acquired a large Bunglow, when an unfortunate accident deprived them of all the three children they had, three daughters, who lost their lives in an air crash. Mr. & Mrs. Corty were disconsolate and decided to leave India for good. They offered their bunglow to the T.O.R’s for sale. The T.O.R.’s lost no time in securing it for themselves.

When Sister Theodosia came to Bhagalpur in March 1956, she was met by Fr. Martin the superior and also the Parish Priest. He offered to give the A.C’s land near Parish Chruch and temporary quarters. But Sr. Theodosia made it clear to him that the locality was too far from the town and too lonely too. She told that she would prefer to have the bunglow in the heart of town. This was agreed upon and Mother General was informed about it. The foundation was approved by Mother General and her Council and undertaken by Mother Honorine, the then superior of Patna.

Mother Honorine generously undertook to help the institute in the new venture and supplied the new convent generously with every requiste to build the new convent.

The house given to the sisters was that which the, T.O.R. Fathers had acquired from the Cory’s. The house was in a miserable condition but the Bishop got it repaired.

Mother Honorine her self accompanied the pioneer – Sr. Adela in – charge, sister Frederica and Sr. Fabiane, who for the time being took the place of Sr. Pudentia. Sr.s Benedicta and Henerietta from Patna Community came along to render help and to be of service. With the help of railway officials and the co-operation of the Patna sisters and workers all the luggage reached Bhagalpur safely. Monsignor Macgary T.O.R and Father Aguinas, the spiritual director and chaplain of the community welcomed the party at the station with all the help and conveyance to take them and their luggage to their destination.

A small portion of the house was reserved for the community and major portion for the school. The little chapel was open for the public on Sundays. The Community room was used as a classroom during the day.

It was quite disappointing so start the foundation formally on 23rd June 1958 with only eleven pupils on roll.