Regularity Record

  • Leave of absence is not granted without a pervious written application from the parents stating the reason. Such reasons as birthdays, excursions, festivals, weddings, urgent business preparation for examination are not considered sufficient.
  • A student absent from an examination will not be re – examined.
  • Unauthorised absence from the school is not tolerated except in sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances. Reason for absence due to unforeseen circumstances or due to sickness which may exceed two or three days must also be stated in a letter besides being entered briefly in the regularity record and has to be signed by the Principal.
  • All leave must be applied for in writing to the principal. No student shall proceed on leave without sanction and permission. Specially when the leave exceeds 2 days.
  • If any unauthorized for absence exceeds ten calender days, the defaulter’s name will be struck off the rolls and considered withdrawn.