The Indian team performed better in the Asian Muay Thai competition organized in China-administered Macau from December 4 to 12. Sadhvi Thakur, a player of Bhagalpur and XIIth Student of Carmel School Bhagalpur, has shown stiffness in the Indian Muay Thai team. On Tuesday, the Sadhvi extended the honor of the country and its state by taking a bronze medal.

Sports lovers are feeling honored to achieve international level. Sangh's Secretary General Rajesh Kumar Sah said that Sadhvi was selected for the gold medal in the Senior National Muay Thai Competition held in Sikkim in December 2017 and silver medal in National Federation Cup organized in Jammu and Kashmir on 23 April.

Based on this, there was selection for the Asian Muay Thai competition. Dr. Pawan Poddar, Dr. Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Dr Syed Shah (Union President ), Dr. Mukesh Sinha and Ram Govind have congratulated Principal SR. Pratibha AC and VICE Principal, SR Steffi AC shared blessings for future .