From the Principal's Desk

Sister M. Pratibha A.C.

What we sow today, we reap tomorrow and after with dividend or profit. However, if we have sown bad seeds or neglected them after planting the saplings, then the results may prove disappointing. And the plants will not be able to sustain themselves. Fresh air, water and good soil make the plants strong and sturdy, Similarly the manure of love, care and understanding will nourish the little children and train them to become worthy citizens of the country and the world.

All kinds of education and all work would remain aimless if the salt of spiritual perception is not added to season it. Our school children are taught the basic moral values which are common to all religions and which teaches us peaceful co-existence, world brotherhood and the essential unity of the human race.

Shakespeare said that this world is a stage and we are all players each with a role to play. Indeed great men of all ages have envisaged the whole world as a family as a single unit. We in Carmel teach our students to live in peaceful co-existence.

Excellence is as excellence does. The idea that Carmel promotes is to compete with others but more importantly to compete with oneself. Contentious self improvement has become the adopted Carmel mantra for success.

Perfection has no limits as change and evolution is a continuous and never ending process. Success lies in the journey and the accomplishment of goals during the journey rather than in an ultimate end. Carmel girls have been recording excellent results in the ISC and ICSE board examination year after year. They are also excelling in all the activities like dance, games, debate G.K etc.

So Carmel believes that school is a place where children are encouraged to say “I see it , I get it, I can do it”.